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We offer a wide variety of rental properties in Greenville, NC from apartment homes to three bedroom single family homes. We look forward to serving your housing needs.


How do I qualify for a home?

After submitting your application and $45 application fee EPM's staff will review the information you have submitted to ensure that you make 3X the monthly rent, pass our credit check, and pass our criminal background check. EPM will also review your rental history with previous landlords. 

Does EPM accept co-signers for applicants?

Select properties do allow guarantors (co-signers) for applicants. Co-signers may be used to help an applicant qualify if they do not meet the income or credit requirements. Co-signers must make 4X the monthly rent and pass a credit check.

How do I reserve a home?

Once your application is approved our staff will inform you of available units based on your interest. A secruity deposit may then be submitted to reserve your new home! Secruity deposit amounts are based on the credit checked performed during the application process. Typically they range from a half month's rent to a full month's rent.  An admin fee of $75-$150 will also be collected prior to reservation. Reservations are made on a first-come-first-serve-basis, meaning although multiple applicants may be interested in a particular unit the first individual to be approved and submit a security deposits reserves the unit.

What is EPM's pet policy?

All of EPM's properties are pet friendly. There are no weight limits however breed resrictions for dogs may apply. Pet owners are required to pay a $300 pet fee but you may contact us about payment plans. All pets must be registered.

Will EPM manage my property for me?

At this time EPM is not offering management services for owners.

What is EPM's late policy?

Rent is due on the 1st of each month. EPM does allow a grace period of 5 days. Unpaid rent is subject to late fees on the 6th of each month.

Do I need renter's insurance?

EPM requires a minimum of $100,000 limited liability to landlord insurance  for all properties. We can provide insurance services for $12.50/month, however this will include only the minimum coverage and only protects the tenant from charges for damages caused to the property in the event of tenant-caused accident. This does not provide coverage for your personal contents. If you wish to have personal items covered by renters insurance we suggest enrolling with a separate insurance provider. You can enroll with whatever provider you like we just require that you submit your policy's declaration page.

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